Ten handy ice cube hacks

Eggs, coffee, milk, pesto, herbs, stock, and yogurt can all be frozen


Ice cube trays can be used for more than just freezing water.

For example, did you know that you can freeze eggs? It's a handy tip – especially if you have eggs in the fridge that are close to their use-by date. Simply crack them and slip them into a clean empty ice cube tray. They defrost relatively quickly and can be used for scrambled eggs, omelettes and baking, among other things. So no need to throw them out next time they're almost out of date.

And if you have a pack of fresh herbs in the freezer that isn't going to last much longer why not have a go at freezing them too? You'll need olive oil for this one. And don't forget to label them as they can look similar when they're frozen.

Other foods that can be usefully frozen in small portions include, coffee, milk, chicken stock, yogurt, fruit juice and pesto. It can save you time and money and cut back on food waste.

Watch the video to see how it's done and what to use them for.