Brits charged double for Christmas presents

Brits charged more for toys that US

British families face paying nearly twice as much as their American counterparts for the same must-have Christmastoys, a Sunday Mirror survey shows.

Toys set to top millions of children's wishlists are still cheaper across the Atlantic despite sterling hitting a 31 year low against the dollar.

They include the Chip Robot Dog, which industry leaders have named as among the 12 most popular toys this year.It is on sale on Amazon in the UK for £199.99.

The same present on the online retailer's American website costs £157.20 excluding a £5.97 shipping charge.

Our toy prices can still work out more expensive than those in America when you factor in postage and currency conversion fees.

Another toy tipped as a top seller, a Star Wars Spinning Light Saber, is £44.99 in the UK but costs £25.35 across the Atlantic.

And a Paw Patrol Air Patroller plane, based on the TV series Paw Patrol, is £39.99 here and £27.77 in US.

British toy retailers say they face higher costs for freight while overheads such as business rates do not exist in the US.

But critics say the price gap is further evidence of how global brands selling everything from clothes to music download services routinely force British families to pay more.

Marc Gander, founder of the Consumer Action Group, said: "It really seems unfair that we are being seen as a source of quick profit compared to other markets.

There's no reason for the same toy to cost more in the UK than in America."

How prices compare:

Top 10 Christmas toys US v UK

Chip Robot Dog £157.20 UK £199.99 US

Furby Connect £69.75 UK £99 US

Nerf Tri Strike Modulus Blaster £46.19 UK £49.99 US

Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck £23.73 UK £29.99 US

Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane £23.77 UK £39.99 US

Selfie Mic £15.68 UK £19.99 US

Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck £15.80 UK £19.99 US

Star Wars Spinning Light Saber £25.35 UK £44.99 US

Thomas Sky High Bridge Set £63.40 UK £99.99 US

Toys R Us Unicorn £22.94 UK £29.99 US

Source: Amazon UK/US prices. Conversion rate: 1. 24 dollars = £1

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