Bald eagle becomes trapped in car grille

A bald eagle has been photographed lodged in a car bumper.

The incident occurred in Florida on Friday, with photos shared by Clay County police officers as they attempted to rescue the animal.
The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States, and these remarkable photos show the bird looking surprisingly nonplussed by its ordeal.

The sheriff's office posted the pictures and a statement on Facebook. They explained that the eagle flew in front of a motorist and became stuck in the bumper.

Another motorist driving in the opposite direction spotted the animal and chased down the driver to let them know the bird was stuck.

Officers worked with fire crews to free the eagle, which has been described as 'alive and well'.

A large cage was placed in front of the car, with officers reaching down between the bumper and the engine to dislodge the eagle.

Once it had been freed, officials handed the bird over to the BEAKS wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary in Jacksonville.

Cynthia Mosling, owner of BEAKS, told CNN that the eagle appeared to be a mature male of at least seven years old.

The images caused quite a stir on social media, with a number of users commenting on the incident.

Science journalist John Schwartz tweeted: "Really, in a deep sense, aren't we all the bald eagle stuck in the car grille? And aren't we all just as ready to peck somebody's eyes out?"
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