The Fixer: extended warranties

Jess Bown

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Dear Fixer,

I need to buy a new washer dryer and have been shopping around to find the best deal. Several of the shops I have visited offer extended warranties on their appliances.

As a woman living alone, it would be nice to know I can get help with repairs should something go wrong. However, these warranties seem to add quite a lot to the overall cost. Are they worth it?

F Graves, Matlock

Dear Ms Graves,

An extended warranty is an insurance policy that usually lasts up to five years after you've bought an appliance and covers you against the cost of repairs and replacements.

It's a nice idea. But as you have noticed, these warranties can sometimes cost as much as the product itself.

What's more, most appliances come with a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee - and some come with guarantees lasting a lot longer than that.

Manufacturer LG, for example, is currently offering a free five-year warranty on a number of washer dryers. All you have to do is register the washer dryer on its website.

It's also worth remembering that you are protected by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which states that goods should be of satisfactory quality, fit to do the job intended and last a reasonable length of time.

So you may still have a case if you buy a washer dryer without a warranty and it breaks down just after the manufacturer's guarantee runs out.

That's why consumer group Which? believes buying an extended warranty is "probably a waste of money".

The Fixer

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