Pranksters release tarantula on packed Tube, terrify commuters

Roshina Jowaheer

Horrified commuters were filmed running from their seats and screaming when a tarantula was set loose on the London Underground in a cruel prank.

The pranksters, who run YouTube channel Trollstation, released the giant spider to capture people's reactions.

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One man is heard shouting "Oh s***, oh c**p" and jumping into the air before shaking the tarantula onto the floor.

Another yelled: "This is nuts, man."

Earlier this year, a passenger spoke of the moment she was watching a film on a flight to Montreal when she felt a tarantula climb up her leg.

Catherine Moreau was travelling from the Dominican Republic with Air Transat when she noticed the creature.

Speaking to CBC News, she said after feeling it brush against her skin, she "brushed [it] away and it started tickling me again."

Moreau added: "I hit it to get it off me before it bit."

The tarantula was one of two on the flight, which sent passengers screaming and standing on their seats.

Julie Roberts, vice-president of Air Transat's flight attendant union, said cabin crew "did what they could to calm people down."

Moreau was given first aid and passengers were asked to put on their shoes and cover their ankles.