Plane filmed being thrown about by winds at Prague airport

Roshina Jowaheer

The terrifying moment an Air Horizont plane was violently thrown about by strong cross winds as it tried to land at an airport in Prague, Czech Republic, was captured on camera by amateur videographer Radko Našinec.

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Filmed at Václav Havel Airport, the video shows the Boeing 737-430 struggling to land and grazing the runway with its wheels.

As it attempts to touch down, the plane is forced to reascend when the large gusts of wind prevent it from landing.

The video was posted on YouTube on October 4 and has been viewed over 460,000 times.

Viewers praised the pilots, with one commenting: "Good job, pilot!"

Another said: "Good job on giving up on the landing and getting out of there rather than attempting to recover to land. A quick decision for sure. "

Earlier this month, a plane descending into Birmingham International Airport was filmed getting caught in cross winds and was forced to miss its landing just moments before touch down.

Footage showed the Airbus A321 about to make contact with the runway as it swayed, forcing the pilot to climb into the air again and circle around for a second attempt.