Ford tests ballistic new Fiesta WRC car

The new Ford Fiesta World Rally Championship car has been spotted being tested.

The racer was covered in a distinctive blue camouflage wrap to hide design features ahead of its official reveal, but it's clearly a Fiesta underneath.
The car will feature the next-generation Fiesta body that's set to debut next year. The major difference here is that the rally version is covered in aggressive aerodynamic extras.

The next season of WRC is set to be more exciting than ever, as organisers have freed up the regulations, allowing for wider, lighter and more powerful cars.

The championship has been looking for ways to bring more viewers in. Ever since the heady days of Group B rallying, the viewership has made a steady decline as less exciting cars and improved safety have seen fans look elsewhere.

With new cars and an impressive online presence, WRC could be back on the rise when the 2017 season starts in Monte Carlo on January 20.

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