Apprentice viewers wave goodbye to Michelle

And we're off! The first candidate of 2016 has heard the dreaded words "You're fired".

Michelle Niziol, a property consultancy owner, has become the first person this series to be shown the door by Lord Alan Sugar - unsurprisingly, given that she was the project manager of the losing team.

The Apprentice
Michelle was the first to be fired (BBC)

She failed to lead the women's team to victory in a task that saw the contestants try to sell a number of vintage items at market.

Going home first can't be easy.

Michelle may have only got a handful of minutes' screen time out of the show, but as is the deal with reality TV, it was enough for viewers to firmly make their minds up about her.

However, some viewers were pleasantly surprised to discover via spin-off show The Apprentice: You're Fired that Michelle was actually rather nice after all.

Spare a thought for the men - they may have been triumphant, but their reward of learning how to dance lindyhop wasn't exactly a classic treat.

We've met all of the candidates now - so place your bets for who will be fired next week!

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