Apprentice viewers completely unsurprised by candidates' confidence


At 12 series in, you'd think Apprentice contestants would have realised that coming out with ego-boosting slogans in the first episode rarely ends well.

But the class of 2016 went down the familiar route of talking themselves up as the best thing ever to have set foot in Lord Alan Sugar's boardroom, and viewers were predictably unimpressed.

The Apprentice
The Apprentice candidates want to impress Alan Sugar (BBC)

It was girls versus boys in tonight's opening episode of the BBC One contest to become Lord Sugar's new business partner and a lack of self confidence was not exactly a problem for those in the competition.

Some of the lines they came out with seemed like the kiss of death.

But viewers felt the contestants knew what they'd signed up for.

There was no limit to what the potential business people felt they could achieve.

The general public were baffled as to where the show found people of this calibre every year.

By and large, people weren't overly impressed by this year's crop of candidates.

Let's see if they can prove us wrong.