Trains cancelled so stray dog can give birth

Stray dog gives birth on Moscow metro train

There was an unusual reason for trains to be delayed in Moscow recently: A stray dog gave birth to a litter of nine puppies in the middle of a carriage of the Moscow Metro.

According to witnesses, the pregnant dog was escaping the wind and cold when she found a way into the subway and entered the train which runs on the Koltsevaya line.

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Metro riders quickly informed subway workers about the cute but strange situation and workers decided to send the carriage to a train depot so that the dog could give birth in peace.

The Moscow Metro kicked off a campaign for the adoption of some of the puppies on Monday, seeking new owners for some of the nine cubs in the Russian capital.

Anybody who is wants to adopt the pups has been asked to contact the Moscow Metro or the animal shelter where the healthy and happy family is now living.

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