Paisley Park visitors will see Prince's studio and mementoes

Prince's handwritten notes and musical instruments are among the items fans will see when his Paisley Park complex opens for tours.

The estate in the Minneapolis suburb of Chanhassen will be opening its doors this week, six months after the chart star died of an accidental painkiller overdose in April.

Prince at the Super Bowl
Prince (Chris O'Meara/AP)

It will open under a temporary permit on Thursday -- and only two other dates for which tickets had already been sold -- instead of daily as originally planned, after concerns about public safety and traffic. It's unclear when the museum will be allowed to begin full-scale tour operations, but the city council said it would vote on the issue again "on or before" December 20.

When tours begin, fans entering the Purple Rain room will see the script, guitar and a motorcycle that Prince rode in the 1984 movie of the same name, NBC's Today Show reported from the museum.

The Oscar that he won for music in the movie is displayed in that room, and the movie will play on one wall.

Prince kept nearly all of his custom-made outfits -- about 6,000 pieces of clothing and 1,000 pairs of shoes -- and many are on display.

Mystery still surrounds the death of Prince (Chris Carlson/AP)
Prince (Chris Carlson/AP)

Hallways lined with gold records and other awards guide visitors to the NPG Music Club, where Prince entertained friends and performed for small groups. Private living quarters are off-limits.

One of Prince's older sisters told NBC that her brother's energy and spirit is evident in the exhibit.

"It's truly Prince. He thought all this through," Norrine Nelson said. "He had a vision and he finished it."

Prince's younger sister, Tyka Nelson, said she hopes visitors will come away with a very personal experience.

"I want them to maybe feel like maybe they saw Prince up close," she said. "Sometimes when you're a fan, you get to only see them from a seat, but this way, you're almost face-to-face with him."

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