Rat falls on woman's head at London restaurant

Ruth Doherty
Live rat falls on woman's head at London restaurant
Live rat falls on woman's head at London restaurant

A woman eating at a popular London restaurant got the shock of her life recently when a rodent believed to be a live rat fell from the ceiling and onto her head while she was eating.

The incident occurred at the trendy Smiths of Smithfield eaterie, and it's thought the baby animal was about three inches long.

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The rat reportedly bounced of the woman's head and onto the table, and died on impact.

Speaking to The Sun, onlooker Paul Stubbs said: "All of a sudden there was a commotion and what looked like a rat fell from the ceiling.

rat isolated on white background
rat isolated on white background

"It hit somebody's head and ended up on the table."

He said it had "obviously fallen from a nest" and added: "People were pretty horrified. Everybody stayed to finish, though I wouldn't go back."

The diners were reportedly offered a large discount after the incident.

A spokesman at Smiths of Smithfield told the Metro: "At Smiths we pride ourselves on our hygiene and food safety management.

"We have investigated the matter fully and this is an isolated incident and we confirm that there is no risk to our customers.'

He went on to say the diners "were offered what was accepted as reasonable compensation".