I want a piece of the action on Strictly, says Ruth Davidson


Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has urged the BBC to invite her to compete on Strictly Come Dancing next year.

Ms Davidson said she is jealous of former shadow chancellor Ed Balls's efforts in the dance competition this year and declared: "I want a bit of that action."

At the weekend, Mr Balls was praised for his second dance, a Charleston which earned him a standing ovation from the Strictly audience

Ms Davidson told Sky News: "I have to say I have been totally team Balls on Strictly Come Balls... Strictly Come Dancing.

"I think he's doing a tremendous job and I'm just jealous.

"So if anybody from the BBC is watching, sign me up for next year, because he's making it look brilliant. I want a bit of that action."

Ms Davidson said she was "forever Balls" and would don a spangled outfit and a spray tan if she appeared on Strictly.

She told BBC Breakfast: "I tell you what, I might be a Scottish Tory but there's a bit of my household that is forever Balls, because I've been supporting him 100%, I love to see him throwing himself into it."

She went on: "I bumped into Yvette Cooper (Mr Balls's wife) when I was down in the House of Commons a couple of weeks ago and apparently he's really pleased with all the support he's had.

"So I think it's brilliant and I tell you something - if the BBC came asking I would be there in a heartbeat, I would be spangled, I would make sure that I am spray-tanned, the frock, the heels, everything, I would love it."