First Ride: Honda VFR1200F GT DCT

James Baggott

Take a quick glance at the handlebars of this Honda VFR1200F and you can tell something is missing – but it often takes a while to work out exactly what. Even hard-nosed biker friends will struggle to spot that what this sports tourer is lacking is a clutch lever.

You see this is Honda's DCT automatic model, a sort of giant, grown-up twist and go scooter that's not nearly as horrifying to ride as it might sound. Most bikers will find the idea of losing control of the gears and letting a computer do the shifting for them a cardinal sin – and I'll happily admit I was one of them – but then I learned to live with the Honda, and you know what, I think most riders will find it hard to go back to a 'normal' bike again.