Pilot lands plane with bird carcass in nose cone in Venezuela

Ruth Doherty
Pilot lands with bird carcass in plane's nose cone
Pilot lands with bird carcass in plane's nose cone

A plane landed at an airport with a dead bird embedded in its nose cone.

The bird was hit as the plane flew near Caracas-Simón Bolívar International Airport in Venezuela.

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It clearly died on impact with its wing hanging from the Cessna 650 in a gruesome sight as it touched down.

The Metro reports that it's not exactly clear what kind of bird it is, but that it could be a black hawk eagle, a species found throughout South America.

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Bird strikes are sadly very common. Back in March, an Egyptair plane was left with a large hole in the nose cone after it hit a bird during landing at Heathrow Airport.

The plane was carrying 71 passengers at the time of the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

The plane managed to land safely despite the hit.

Pictures of the damage emerged online and showed a rather gruesome bloody dent on the plane.

One of the most famous bird strike collisions occurred in New York, when Captain Sullenberger became a hero after landing a US Airways plane on the Hudson River after it hit a flock of Canada geese. He managed to save everyone on board, and now Tom Hanks is playing him a new film about the incident.