Bodybuilder's supersized fake muscles could kill him

Rachel Burge

A Brazilian bodybuilder with gigantic muscles is risking his life by injecting oil into his arms.

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Beefcake Valdir Segato's biceps measure a staggering 23 inches and he has a colossal chest span of 47 inches as a result of Synthol injections.

The oil he injects is a mix of fatty acids, painkillers and alcohol. When injected, it gives the impression of muscle growth. However, if used incorrectly it can cause infections, and has even known to be fatal.

The 48-year-old's arms have doubled in size from 12in after he started injecting the potentially lethal substance five years ago - and now he wants to get even bigger.

Valdir, from Sao Paulo, is inspired by the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Hulk and is proud to be known locally as 'He-Man' in the street.

His friends have expressed concern about the effect the injections may have on his health. Despite doctors warning him to stop, Valdir refuses, hoping that his massive muscles might bring him fame and fortune one day.

"I look at myself in the mirror and feel good," he says.