Woman with Parkinson's gets to ride horse for the last time

Rachel Burge

An 87-year-old former showjumper had her wish to ride a horse one last time granted, despite her severe Parkinson's Disease.

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Nelly Jacobs, from the Netherlands, had to give up riding more than 30 years ago – and now spends most of her days in a wheelchair in a nursing home.

However, thanks to a charity project called Hidden Desires, she was given the chance to ride again.

Nelly was taken to an indoor horseriding centre and gently hoisted into a laying position across the backs of two horses. She then rode the steeds as they trotted side-by-side, describing the experience as "wonderful" and smiling broadly.

Her son Jan said: "Horses have always been important to her. Ever since she was a child, until her Parkinson's got the best of her.

"Her uncle Fons put her on a horse when she was nine. Later on, she rode several horses and she even made a decent jumper.

"This is a very emotional day for her. So she won't be able to speak, but I can tell she loves every second of seeing the horses, smelling the stables. These things matter to her because she must have missed it at the nursing home."

The video of Nelly's horse ride has now gone viral on Facebook.