Victoria's pregnancy news and her witty remarks are a hit with viewers

There is only one episode left of Victoria, and the second last one didn't disappoint.

News of the Queen's pregnancy was a hit, with some of the more antiquated terminology used getting a lot of attention.

Jenna Coleman in Victoria (ITV)
Jenna Coleman in Victoria (ITV)

Victoria, played by Jenna Coleman, also had a few witty remarks that went down a treat.

Have a look at what got people talking:

Albert was delighted, but he's not one to show his emotions:

A remedy from days of old?

One witty Doctor Who fan couldn't resist a reference to Jenna's former screen companion:

Fans don't have to say goodbye to the monarch just yet, as a second series of the show has been green-lit.

The new series will bring Victoria into the next stage of her reign as she manages scandals, crises and the struggles of family life.

The news will be music to the ears of Victoria fans, who are still loving the series:

Hopefully it won't be too long before it returns to TV screens.

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