Ed Balls is Strictly Come Dancing's biggest surprise of the night

Prepare to be amazed - Ed Balls has shocked the nation with a Charleston that was actually pretty good.

The politician was widely expected to be this year's John Sergeant or Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing, but he hasn't listened to the naysayers and has actually been nowhere near as awful on the dancefloor as people had feared.

Ed and Katya impressed last week, too (BBC)

At the show's launch, he said the dance he was most hoping to learn was the Charleston, so Ed grabbed his chance to flap while he still could, before the first public vote this weekend.

People decided Ed had done a pretty good job.

While Ed's Labour colleague was impressed...

...it wasn't just his fans who thought he'd done well. Even George Osborne had to pass him a compliment.

And others weren't too proud to say well done either.

Could we actually be seeing a contender for the glitterball trophy?

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