Majority of voters think Westminster is sexist, poll reveals


A clear majority of people believe British politics is sexist, a new poll has found.

The survey showed that two-thirds see Westminster as unequal for woman.

However, it also revealed a sharp political divide. Seventy-three per cent of Labour supporters said they think that politics is sexist, but the majority of Ukip voters (53%) disagree with that view, according to the BMG poll for the Huffington Post UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May was chosen as the female leader best able to run a country by over a third of those polled, while Germany's Angela Merkel was backed by 23%, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon by 22%, and Hillary Clinton by 18%.

A quarter of those surveyed thought it was important for the prime minister to be a feminist, with this figure rising to 40% among those aged 18-24.