Is this the world's most luxurious passenger plane?

Ruth Doherty
Is this the world's most luxurious passenger plane?
Is this the world's most luxurious passenger plane?

A travel company has launched what is being hailed as the most luxurious commercial jet ever.

Crystal Cruises is branching out from sea to air offering fabulous round the world trips on its new five-star Boeing 777-200LR.

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On its website, Crystal writes: "25 years ago, Crystal Cruises embarked on a journey. To provide the finest travel experience, not just in cruising, but in all luxury vacations."

And it certainly isn't lying.

The plane boasts a beautiful spacious lounge with white leather and top-notch porcelain. There'll be onboard butlers catering to your every need, with a Michelin star-inspired menu from dedicated chefs.

There will be room for 84 passengers, with cosy armchair-style seats that transform into beds. Each seat will also have iPads, Bose headsets, and 24-inch flatscreen TVs, reports the Telegraph.

In the bathroom, you'll find products by luxury Italian fashion house, Etro.

Flights will launch in the autumn of 2017, with 14, 21, and 28-day itineraries available.

The only snag? Tickets for the trips start at £38,000.

Destinations of the trips will be announced next month, and passengers definitely won't be staying in run-of-the-mill hotels.

According to CN Traveller, Crystal CEO Edie Rodriguez said stays will be at "things you can't get into. Castle stays not usually open to the public, a museum you tour at night with its director."

Sign us up... Well, after we've won the lottery maybe.

Read more about Crystal AirCruises here.