15 of the world's most luxurious beach holidays

Escaping on a beach holiday has more than just a few advantages when you're staying at a luxurious hotel or villa. We're not just talking private beaches, but whole peninsulas reserved for hotel guests, surfing waves that are exclusive to ten riders at a time and seclusion like you've only ever dreamed in accommodation set right on white-sandy beaches for you to lap up the sounds of the waves from your bed or tub.

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The world's finest beach destinations may not come as a surprise to you: the Seychelles, St Barths, Mozambique and Australia - all home to world-class retreats that invite travellers who really want to get away from it all and experience a luxury escape like nowhere else. These resorts and villas provide the ultimate in luxury, including 24-hour butlers, 'Beach Occupied' signs for when you don't fancy sharing the beach with other guests and breakfast, or even oysters, served round the clock.

Discover our pick of the world's most luxurious beach getaways, from a private island in the British Virgin Islands to a safari camp hidden in the white sand dunes of Western Australia.