Angry pedestrian blocks cyclist on zebra crossing

An enraged pedestrian did everything he could to stop a cyclist from riding across a zebra crossing in central London while people were using it.

The incident began as the pedestrian crossed the road after a crowd of others.
Spotting a gap behind the man, the cyclist maintained his speed and made to move behind the pedestrian. However, this enraged the flatcap-wearing walker who spun on his heel to confront the cyclist, forcing him to grab on his brakes and almost lose control.

"Oi," shouts the pedestrian. "You have to stop, it's the law, it's the law".

Despite the cyclist's attempt to get back on his bike and ride off, the pedestrian continues to body-block him until the cyclist eventually manages to get past.

The footage of the incident, on a road close to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, was caught on a following cyclist's helmet cam and shared to YouTube earlier today.

Commenters have slammed the cyclist for his careless disregard for pedestrians in failing to slow down.
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