The next-generation parking clamp that sticks to your windscreen

A New York-based company has revealed an updated type of parking clamp that attaches to car windscreens.

If a parking attendant spots you parking illegally, they can quickly attach the device, which is called The Barnacle. It works by using super-strength suckers to hold the unit in place until owners have called the enforcement company and paid the fine. Only then will they receive a code to unlock it.
As if paying the fine wasn't irritating enough, drivers must then take The Barnacle to a pre-determined location to give the enforcement company its device back.

The firm behind the whole thing is called Ideas That Stick, and its president, Kevin Dougherty, reckons the sucker "makes it easier for everyone involved".

"From an administrative standpoint, we wanted to help agencies reduce the overall cost of managing their enforcement activities," he said. "By making the device compact and stackable, we were able to free up scarce storage space in customer facilities and allow smaller enforcement vehicles to carry more of the devices."

Other benefits, Dougherty reckons, include the fact Barnacles can be deployed using 'green' electric scooters, and that cars can still be easily towed if required after The Barnacle has been deployed.

The company also says that because it's lightweight and employees don't need to bend over to use the device, it should help to reduce work-related injuries.

We're not entirely sure how making drivers travel to drop off the device that just cost them a lot of hard-earned money is 'easier for everyone involved', but if it reduces the number of cars being towed away then perhaps it's a good thing. Only time will tell...
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