This simple sitting test could predict how long you will live

A single physical movement could be an indicator of longevity, according to recent research from Brazil.

It's called the sitting-rising test, or SRT, and was developed by Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo and colleagues at Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro as a quick way to show a person's fitness level.

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The simple exercise of sitting down and standing up again is a great measure of your flexibility and strength, and was originally used to assess the flexibility of athletes.

Araujo now uses it as a general test of overall fitness and uses it to persuade his patients that they need to stay active to maintain their muscle and balance, and live longer.

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The researchers developed a scoring system for the test and found that people who scored three points or less out of 10 were more than five times as likely to die within six years as those who scored more than eight points.