Elephant shackled for 50 years for tourism is finally released

Rosie Vare
Elephant shackled for 50 years finally freed
Elephant shackled for 50 years finally freed

They call him the unluckiest elephant in the world.

Moran was allegedly stolen from the wild as a young calf, and then shackled and abused as tourism prop for 50 years.

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Moran, who was in fragile health for such a long time, miraculously survived the cruel conditions, but now the big guy is finally free.

Rescuers planned the elephant's great escape for months.

He was loaded onto an animal ambulance in the middle of the night and brought to a conservation and care center in India to roam freely for the rest of his life.

Even though Moran still needs lots of medical attention, you can see how much happier he is in his new surroundings.

On his first day he walked around his new home to get a feel for things.

While an elephant never forgets, let's hope this one does..