Another Shrek film in the pipeline as DreamWorks boss cements Hollywood status


DreamWorks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg has revealed there is "more to come" from the Shrek movie franchise amid reports that a fifth film is in the works.

The Hollywood movie mogul said there was "great ambition" to continue the hit animation series, which features the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy.

NBC Universal announced its acquisition of DreamWorks Animation in April and reports have said the studio is keen to revive the Shrek franchise, following 2010's Shrek Forever After.

Katzenberg, who co-founded DreamWorks in 1994 with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen, told the Press Association: "I think there's more to come. It's now up to Universal. They get to decide that.

"I think there's great ambition and great excitement and fantastic ideas.

"Shrek will be around for a long time. Longer than me."

Katzenberg was honoured by Murphy and The Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons as he placed his hand and footprints in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in the traditional Hollywood ceremony.

Parsons described Katzenberg as a "dreamer who never loses his head".

"He has a heart that puts family first, no matter how successful he's become," Parsons added. "If all this sounds like he should be running for office, he probably should."

Murphy, who voices the character Donkey in the Shrek movies, said Katzenberg was one of his "most trusted advisers".

"In all of my most memorable moments, my highest moments, have always been connected to this man," the comedy star said.

"He's one of my most trusted advisors in everything, business and personal. I'm on the phone to him first about everything. I love this man.

"Jeffrey has the mind of an executive but the heart and spirit of an artist. I love him and I love his family. He is one of the greatest dudes."

Katzenberg is the 296th person to have their hand and footprints immortalised in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theatre.