YouTuber pranks taxi passengers in a Tesla

It's every taxi passenger's worst nightmare – climbing into a cab, only for the driver to fall asleep and lose control.

However, it became a reality for a number of Los Angeles residents, who found themselves the butt of a YouTuber's prank.
Self-described 'craziest and most creative Asian prankster alive' Josh Paler Lin, took to the wheel of a Tesla Model S to take fares around the Californian city – all the while dressed as an elderly man.

Falling asleep, watching porn and getting stuck between the rear seats are just a few of the pranks he pulled, while the terrified passengers sat in the rear seats, unaware that the car was in fact on autopilot mode, and driving itself.

Lin also tries out the model's insane mode, further scaring his fares.

He eventually reveals the ruse to the passengers, who respond with shock, and relief that they weren't in danger after all.

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