World's most expensive chilli sells for over $11,000 per pound

Rosie Vare
World's most expensive chilli sells for $11,000 per pound
World's most expensive chilli sells for $11,000 per pound

Want to know what will burn a hole in your wallet as well as your mouth?

Get ready for your eyes to water both from the hot spicy flavor and from the damage to your bank account .

The Charapita is the most expensive chilli pepper in the world.

Priska Stekovicz is a farmer and chilli grower, she said: "What I hold in my hands is the Charapita, a sort of chilli, a unique one which comes from Peru.

"It requires a very hot climate and a lot of love to grow."

Austrian farmers harvest the spicy Peruvian chilli in a special greenhouse.

Priska adds: "In comparison with other spices, it is very spicy. It is not recommended to taste or eat it fresh.

"But dry, for example in a chicken soup, it gives a light and spicy flavour. Even children can eat it."

The price of one pound of the small yellow chilli pepper starts from $11,641.

The pepper is quite new on the European market, but it has already gained popularity among chefs from high-end restaurants.

One of Priska's colleagues said: "At the beginning, we got four seeds and raised the first four plants. We grow approximately 600 plants of the chilli each year and those four plants were among them. We got them among other seeds from Mexico.

"From the beginning they looked different but at the end showed up with these nice yellow fruits.

"When we first cooked with this chilli, we were surprised with its interesting flavour and amazing taste.

"Then we found out that this is a mother of chilli and it grows only in the wild nature, in jungles close to trees.

"We grow it the way we grow black pepper. This chilli as well as saffron and vanilla belong to the most expensive spices in the world."