Why you shouldn't post photos of your boarding pass online

This is why you should post a picture of your boarding pass online
This is why you should post a picture of your boarding pass online

Posting pictures from the airport can be a great way to let friends and family know you're off on holiday - and posting a picture of your boarding pass can induce jealousy among everyone who follows you on social media.

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But it's not a good idea and you should avoid doing so however much you want to show off.

Before you let the world know where you're going, just think about all the vital information that you're willingly handing out.

A boarding pass and the barcode that comes with it contains personal information that can be used to ruin your holiday, or worse, steal your identity.

Whether printed or an e-ticket, your boarding pass has your full name, flight and ticket number, where you're sitting and even how many bags you've checked in.

All someone would have to do is enter all of that online and click 'manage my booking' and they would have access to your entire itinerary, frequent flyer points, and even the last four digits of the card you used to book the flight.

This could give someone the ability to cancel your flight, change your reservations or ruin your holiday entirely, all from the safety of their computer.

Even showing the barcode can be dangerous because anyone with access to a machine that can read them can find out more than you would want them to know about you.

You may be about to embark on the holiday of a lifetime, but there are some things that people just don't deserve to know.