Who are the best-paid models?

Sarah Coles
Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony
Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

The highest-paid models in the world have been revealed by Forbes magazine, and surprisingly Cara Delevingne doesn't make the top five. The top spot, by an enormous margin and for the 11th year in a row, is Gisele Bundchen, but there are some big names who have shot up the ranks this year and could challenge her next time round.

1. Gisele Bundchen ($30.5 million)
Along with the modelling day job, the 36-year-old model has huge endorsement contracts with the likes of Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Pantene - as well as her own lines of lingerie and skincare - which help put her earnings way ahead of her nearest rivals.

2. Adriana Lima ($20.5 million)

2016 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals
2016 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

This has been her biggest ever year. Along with taking the title as the longest-serving 'Angel' for Victoria's Secret, she also has a large number of endorsement deals pushing her income into the stratosphere.

3= Kendall Jenner (£7.7 million)

France Cannes Mal De Pierres Red Carpet
France Cannes Mal De Pierres Red Carpet

The Kardashian clan member has seen her earnings grow the fastest this year: up 150%. It's thought that her enormous social media following (64.5 million Instagram followers) is a major draw for advertisers, who have signed her up to be the face and body of everything from underwear to make-up.

Then there's her catwalk appearances, and the money she makes from Keeping up with the Kardashians.
If she keeps increasing her earnings at this rate - in the same way as Kim before her - she could eventually be the one to knock Giselle off the top spot.

3= Karlie Kloss (£7.7 million)

new york  ny   november 13 ...
new york ny november 13 ...

If the term 'hard-working' could be applied to any names on the list, it would be most applicable to Kloss, who has advertised for 18 brands during the year, and has become known for her catwalk appearances. Admittedly the term 'hard work' is probably a bit of a stretch even here, and there's still plenty of time for hanging out with Taylor Swift and updating social media.

5= Gigi Hadid (£6.9 million)

los angeles   nov 23   gigi...
los angeles nov 23 gigi...

Hadid racked up a small fortune by the age of 21 - thanks to an enormous number of social media followers, which has translated into major commercial bookings from the likes of Topshop and BMW. She's also known for her relationship with Zayn Malik, formerly of 1D.

5= Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (£6.9 million)

Elle Style Awards 2016 - London
Elle Style Awards 2016 - London

The only Brit in the top five has added acting to her list of work this year, as well as her own lines of lingerie, perfume and make-up for Marks & Spencer.

Cara Delevingne made it to number 7, while Kate Moss was in at number 13.

Altogether the 20 best-paid models made $154 million in the year to June, and have around 200 million Instagram followers between them. It's pretty impressive for a group of people who wear clothes for a living - something the rest of us have managed to master for free in the first 15 minutes of the day.