The 10 most important cars at the Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show is finally upon us and that means there's a bunch of new cars to talk about.

It's been a mildly controversial show, with a number of manufacturers such as Ford, Mazda and Volvo pulling out for various reasons.
But that doesn't mean there's nothing to see. We've rounded up the 10 most important cars making their debuts in Paris.

1. Land Rover Discovery

A new Discovery is a massive deal in the automotive world and as such this car will be a huge draw for punters on the show floor.

Land Rover is throwing a launch event for its new 4x4 in the UK, but it'll be on display in Paris too.

Based on the teasers we've seen so far its design is now more in line with its stablemates such as the Discovery Sport and Evoque, while the interior is said to be going more premium. Stay tuned to AOL Cars for more information upon its official reveal.

2. Ferrari LaFerrari convertible

While many high-volume manufacturers have pulled out of the show, Ferrari has used it as an opportunity to showcase two very important cars.

The biggest news is the LaFerrari convertible. It's already been revealed in highly polished studio photography, but this is the first time anyone outside the company or prospective owners will get to see the car in the metal.

Its official moniker hasn't been revealed, but given previous naming conventions we'd expect Spider or Aperta (the latter meaning 'open' in Italian).

Ferrari is also debuting the new GTC4Lusso T, which has a turbocharged V8.

3. Mercedes-AMG GT roadster

Another car we've already seen studio photos of, the GT and GT C roadster twins will be seen in public for the first time in Paris.

The more hardcore of the two is the GT C, which gets a 550bhp version of the coupe's 4.0-litre V8.

4. Mercedes-Benz EV concept

It's not just high-performance sports cars coming out of Stuttgart. Mercedes wants to show its green credentials with an all-new electric car concept.

In a teaser video, it appears that the car will be a crossover, with futuristic blue lighting throughout and a distinctive front grille.

The 10 most important cars at the Paris Motor Show
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The 10 most important cars at the Paris Motor Show
Teaser image gave us our first look at new design language.
Recently revealed LaFerrari convertible could get 'Spider' or 'Aperta' name.
Mercedes-AMG finally lopped the roof off its GT sports car to create GT and GT C roadsters.
If this teaser is anything to go by, Mercedes' EV concept will be a crossover.
Mini has given its Clubman model the John Cooper Works treatment.
Currently just a concept, but we'd be surprised if we don't see a production version of this hybrid SUV eventually.
Nissan is set to reveal its all-new Micra in Paris. So far, all we have to go on is this teaser...
Peugeot is also revealing refreshed versions of the 3008 and 5008, but this endurance rally car steals the show.
Volkswagen will be hoping its new EV concept will help begin to restore faith in the company after Dieselgate. New car will be a hatchback, unlike the crossover Budd-e we saw recently (pictured here).
Fourth-generation of electric Smart will appear in Paris.

5. Mini Clubman JCW

The latest Mini to get the John Cooper Works treatment is the Clubman.

The car is making its public debut in the French capital, showing off its 228bhp 2.0-litre turbo engine and four-wheel drive.

6. Mitsubishi GT PHEV Concept

Mitsubishi is showcasing its new Grand Tourer concept, which is designed to sit between the ASX and Outlander in its range.

The mid-sized hybrid SUV is just a concept for now, but it would fit into a booming market so expect a production version at some point in the future.

7. Nissan Micra

The Micra has sold well in the UK for decades now, and Nissan is back with a new and updated version.

It's expected to pack a host of new-tech engines and feature design cues from the Sway concept.

8. Peugeot 3008 DKR

It might share a name and a few design elements with Peugeot's five-door SUV, but underneath the 3008 DKR is a purpose-built endurance rally car.

The French manufacturer is also showing the facelifted versions of the 3008 and 5008, but the DKR will be the biggest draw for enthusiasts.

9. Volkswagen EV concept

Following Dieselgate, Volkswagen has been pouring money into electric technology to show that it takes saving the environment seriously.

This electric car concept has been built to be an EV from the ground up and is making its world debut in Paris. It's a big moment for the company, but will it be enough to turn around public opinion of the brand? Only time will tell.

10. Smart Fortwo and Forfour Electric Drive

With Mercedes making a big din about its new electric car concept, it's perhaps no surprise that two new Mercedes-made Smart EVs are being revealed in Paris.

If any car is better suited to getting an electric drivetrain we don't know what it is. These mark the fourth-generation of Smart EVs, and are important cars for both Smart and the green revolution.
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