Shoreham Airshow crash probe allowed to see film from plane


Investigators probing the Shoreham Airshow crash in which 11 people were killed have won the right to see film footage from within the plane.

At a hearing in London in July, Sussex Police applied to see "protected records" held by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).

Regulations prevent the release of certain AAIB material without court approval.

On Wednesday, at London's High Court, Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas and Mr Justice Singh refused the application for disclosure except in relation to the film footage from within the aircraft.

The police had asked for copies of reports relating to human factors, engineering, tests and speed calculations as well as the film footage of the flight, records of interviews with pilot Andrew Hill and a risk assessment report.

Mr Hill, 52, was thrown clear from the 1955 Hawker Hunter when it came down on the A27 in August 2015 and survived life-threatening injuries.

In July, Sussex Police confirmed Mr Hill was being investigated for possible endangerment pursuant to Article 138 Air Navigation Order 2009 and also manslaughter by gross negligence.