Ever seen a 'goat tree'? You have now

Ruth Doherty
Ever seen a 'goat tree'? You have now
Ever seen a 'goat tree'? You have now

You learn something new everyday, and today we have learned that goats can climb trees. Who knew?

These goats threw caution to the wind and scaled this Argan tree right to the very top, even balancing on the most scrawny of branches.

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It looks like a bit of a balancing act, but the goats' hooves are perfectly adapted to climbing the trees, where they graze on the Argan fruit.

Amateur photographer Burak Senbak, 51, took these hilarious photos whilst travelling through Morocco in July.

Burak is originally from Turkey and works as a mechanical engineer, but has pursued his passion for photography for 10 years.

Intrigued by the sight of goats in a tree, Burak couldn't resist the opportunity to take some photos, and said the goats proved a perfect subject.

He said: "When we saw this incredibly interesting view, we stopped the car and decided to shoot the goats on top of the trees.

"They were standing as if they were modelling for a photographer.

"The goats were on the trees when we arrived, stayed there during shooting process and started to walk down as I was returning back to the car. It took nearly 15 minutes for me to complete shooting process.

"The goats climb on the trees for feeding and eat the fruit of Argan tree. The tree itself is thorny with gnarled trunks and it is impossible for people to climb up any of these trees.

"One of the world's most popular oils is Argan oil, it is used for cosmetics and for health. After digesting the Argan fruits, the goats defecate the kernel of the fruit. The villagers then collect these digested kernels and sell them to production plants where the kernel is cleaned, processed and sold as Argan Oil.

"I am not quite sure if the women using Argan oil for cosmetic purposes know where the oil comes from!

"It was not difficult to shoot the goats - they were hardly moving and the light conditions were great.

"This is probably a "once in a life time" experience for me.

"During the shooting I felt in a hurry as if the goats would go away but of course this was not the case. They kept on sitting on the branches of the tree and continued to stare at me. This was fun!"

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