Snow monkeys bathe in hot springs in Japan

Rosie Vare
Japanese snow monkeys enjoy hot springs
Japanese snow monkeys enjoy hot springs

Check out this video of a group of adorable Japanese macaques enjoying a dip in natural hot springs, filmed by documentary maker William Allum in Japan.

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He said: "The location where I filmed everything is a place called Jigokudani Monkey Park and it's also commonly known as Hell's Valley because of all the steam vents that can come out of the ground.

"During spring, autumn and summer it's a normal forest area. It's quite mountainous and it's a volcanic area as well so that's why there's the hot springs."

The monkeys are seen relaxing and playing in the warm waters with one monkey in the footage even appearing to have fallen asleep!

William added: "Even in the winter when it's covered with snow it has a hot bath outside that the monkeys can sit in.

"It's got steam erupting from the ground, it's kind of a crazy area because it's like an ice kingdom but then it has all this steam."

He speculates that if the monkeys didn't have the hot springs in these regions they might not be able to live as far north as they do.

Despite it being a popular spa retreat these snow monkeys can reach areas that are inaccessible to tourists.

This gives the monkeys plenty of space away from visitors, giving them the ability to run free safely.

William says: "It was an absolutely amazing experience, it was probably one of the best days of my life because it was just so perfect and so ideal."