Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

When it comes to celebrity nuptials, it seems that 'more is more' with plenty of well known couples splashing out more than $1 million on their celebrations.

But which have been the most expensive weddings? And can you guess which celeb couple had a pair of thrones to sit on?

Believe it or not, it wasn't the first pair on the list...!

Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

Prince William and Kate Middleton, 2011 ($34 million)

It's understood that $32 million was spent on security alone, which is understandable when the groom is second in line to the throne.

George and Amal Clooney, 2014 ($4.6 million)

The couple tied the knot in the city of love, Venice with a host of celebrity guests including Matt Damon and Cindy Crawford.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, 2006 ($2 million)

The $50,000 rental fee for Odescalchi Castle outside Rome was waived as a wedding gift to the couple, so what did they spend the rest of the budget on?!

Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

Elton John and David Furnish, 2005 ($1.5 - $2 million)

The couple married in December 2014, with their two sons in attendance. The pair had previously committed to each other in a civil partnership nine years earlier.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, 2014 ($2.8 million)

It's believed that Fort Belvedere in Florence, Italy, cost the star couple $409,000 to rent. They also had their rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles, along with a personal tour.

Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, 2000 ($1.5 million)

Despite briefly separating in 2013 the couple remain together to this day, celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this year.

Most over-the-top celebrity weddings

David and Victoria Beckham, 1999 ($800,000)

Adjusted for inflation the famous English couple's wedding would cost around $1.2 million today. The pair had costume changes, a guest list packed with celebrities and even matching red velvet thrones!

Celebrities who insured their bodies
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Celebrities who insured their bodies
Keith Richards, meanwhile, supposedly has the middle finger on his left hand insured for £1 million. For the sake of clarity, this is because he considers it the most important for playing the guitar - rather than for any more unpleasant reasons.

Taylor Swift has hit the headlines in the gossip magazines over claims that she’s had her legs insured for $40 million ahead of her World Tour, but she’s not the first.

Heidi Klum reportedly had her legs insured for $2 million. She said in 2011 that she hadn’t chosen to do it: a client of hers had taken the step.

Jamie Lee Curtis was said to have had her legs insured for $2.8 million. The policy was taken out when she was advertising stockings - and there’s just the smallest chance that it was done to generate some publicity for the campaign.

Michael Flatley apparently has legs worth exactly the same as Taylor Swift’s: his were insured for $40 million.

His website states that he holds the record for the ‘highest insurance premium placed on a dancer’s legs’. Technically this claim still stands.

Others have a different physical priority. ‘Ugly Betty’ star America Ferrera became the face of a tooth-whitening product, and Aquafresh was said to have taken out a $10 million policy to protect their star’s assets.
Some musicians, meanwhile, went for more obviously important aspects of their bodies - which is why Bruce Springsteen is said to have insured his vocal chords for $6 million
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