What cyberbullying terms mean

Teenage bullying on smart phone

Catfishing - stealing someone's profile or setting up fake profiles to lure people into starting online relationships
Cyberstalking – sending repeated and frequent messages that include real threats of physical harm
Dissing - sending or posting information that's intended to damage someone's reputation
Flaming - sending angry, abusive online messages to intentionally provoke someone into starting an argument
Fraping – logging into someone else's account, impersonating them or posting inappropriate content in their name
Griefing - abusing and angering people through online gaming
Roasting - ganging up on an individual online and sending offensive abuse until the victim is seen to 'crack'.

Internet Matters is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to help parents keep their children safe online. It was founded by the UK's four major broadband providers; BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media, with the BBC and Google joining as partners in 2016. Internet Matters is an Executive Member of UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) and an industry expert working with The Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying, founded by the Duke of Cambridge. It was awarded a grant from the Department for Education, supporting anti-bullying app tootoot, to help combat bullying in schools.
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