Driver caught with fake passenger in carpool lane

A Californian motorist came up with an interesting way to beat the traffic and use his city's carpool lane – without the required second passenger.

However, his ruse was uncovered when he swerved violently out of the carpool lane – which only cars carrying more than one person are allowed to use – and into the path of a police officer, who pulled him over.On stopping the driver, the officer from the Brea Police Department noticed that the passenger-seat occupant was in fact a lipstick-wearing mannequin.

In a Facebook post, the police department called it an "interesting carpool lane violation" which the unnamed driver admitted to "having done for quite some time".

It continued: "The officer rode up alongside the driver's side open window, with the intention of warning him to be more careful when changing lanes.

He was surprised to see that the passenger in the vehicle was actually a mannequin."

The motorist was issued with a ticket for driving in the carpool lane alone.
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