Dan Biggar on clothes, body confidence and who's the most stylish in the dressing room


Which sports teams have the biggest difference in body types? You'd have to say rugby union is up there, as the job of a winger varies wildly from those of a prop or full back.

Wales fly-half Dan Biggar has enjoyed great success in his career, earning 48 appearances at Test level and kicking 56 points at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

And the 26-year-old is keen to point out he is one of the more fortunate players of the game when it comes to maintaining a relatively steady body weight.

Dan Biggar models for Jacamo - (Jacamo)

He said: "I think, if you ask the boys, I'm still developing now! Certainly when I was a lot younger I was particularly skinny. When I was in the academy it was about what to eat and what to lift, whereas if I wasn't playing rugby I don't think I'd be a big fitness freak.

"I'm not always conscious about my body fat or weight. The guys are quite flexible with it because it's never really been an issue. It's just something which fluctuates a bit, whereas for some of your bigger guys it can fluctuate a lot more. It can take them a bit longer to bring it back down. I'm lucky in that sense."

He continued: "Other guys have to be really conscious of their diet and be a lot stricter. Some guys look at a doughnut and put a pound on. Some guys are prone to gaining weight.

"Sometimes you don't let on to the boys if you're a bit conscious."

Dan Biggar kicks for Wales - (Alastair Grant/AP)
(Alastair Grant/AP)

Biggar is currently enjoying a change of pace, swapping the ruck for the rack with men's clothing retailer Jacamo, which he believes offers his team-mates a wardrobe solution.

He added: "There are very few sports where you'll have someone on the same team as different as a prop or full-back or centre. I'm probably one of the fortunate ones - I can sort of wear regular clothes.

"Obviously your forwards in particular are generally a lot bigger than myself, and Jacamo gives the guys a lot of options. Look at the forwards - after a summer of pre-season training the sizes they go to are quite impressive."

Dan Biggar suits up with Jacamo - (Jacamo)

And while Biggar has a flash way of preparing for a kick (check out the Biggarena if you haven't already had the pleasure), he's a little less showy when it comes to the wardrobe.

He said: "I'm quite a conservative guy. I don't go for anything too out there. Jeans, polos, hoodies. I like to dress reasonably smartly, but if I was to sum it up I'd say I'm quite conservative.

"If you look in my wardrobe it's pretty much all navy, white and black. What's good with Jacamo is that there's so much choice, even if you want conservative options like me.

"It's really nice to be involved in the company. It's been good fun and it's just nice to do something a little bit different."

Dan Biggar in training - (Adam Davy/PA)
(Adam Davy/PA)

And, we had to ask, who's got the most style in the dressing room?

"Rhys Webb. Even once he's showered and going home he still looks like he's going out for a five-course dinner," Biggar said. "Even if he's wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms, the shoes and top have got to match."