Volkswagen reveals new e-Crafter

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has unveiled the new e-Crafter, an all-electric concept van that could lead the way for zero-emission city centre delivery services.

Despite the change to a 100-kilowatt electric motor, the e-Crafter's dimensions and weight limit remain the same, with 11.3 cubic metres of cargo space and a maximum total weight of 4.2 tonnes. The ultimate carry weight of the e-Crafter is 1,709kg.

The near-production-ready model can reach speeds of just under 50mph on its standard bank of 312 cells, giving the e-Crafter a theoretical range of more than 124 miles. The current capacity will allow the batteries to be charged up to 80 per cent in 45 minutes.

It has been built to accommodate future battery development, which, depending on customer requirements, could have ranges of more than 250 miles.

The cargo space is standardly equipped with the necessary storage features for delivering services, such as the ProSafe load-lashing system, the Flex-Rack set-up and Globelyst shelving system, all provided by upgrade specialists Sortimo.

To set itself apart from the standard diesel models, the e-Crafter comes in Reef Blue Metallic, matching painted bumpers, protective side strips and C-shape headlights – a standard feature on all electric Volkswagen models.

In the cockpit, the rev counter of the diesel models is replaced by the power meter, as well as a leather steering wheel with blue decorative stitching and titanium black seats with blue trim, to continue VW's electric blue theme.

Dr Eckhard Scholz, chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: "The first e-Crafter vehicles will already be in customers' hands by 2017."

Volkswagen reveal new e-Crafter
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Volkswagen reveal new e-Crafter
The new Volkswagen e-Crafter
The new Volkswagen e-Crafter
The new Volkswagen e-Crafter
The new Volkswagen e-Crafter
The new Volkswagen e-Crafter
The e-Crafter is based on the new Crafter, revealed earlier this year.

Written by Jack Healy
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