Cornwall man grows world-record sized cabbage and then reveals his secret

The secret to growing world-record sized vegetables is out of the bag.

David Thomas from Cornwall wowed the judges at this year's National Giant Vegetable Championships, when he presented a 23kg (51.1lbs) monster red cabbage. That's a lot of sauerkraut.

David Thomas, from Leedstown, Cornwall, who has become a world record breaker at the National Giant Vegetable Championships, with his massive 23 kg cabbage.
David Thomas and his world-record sized cabbage (Malvern Autumn Show/PA)

It was one of four world records claimed to have been set at the event, which took place at this weekend's Malvern Autumn Show in Worcestershire.

Afterwards David revealed what it takes to grow ridiculously over-sized veg and, aside from spending A LOT of time in the garden, the Leedstown grower gave the impression there's not a whole lot of science to it.

"There's no big secret to growing giant veg. You just need the right seeds to start with, plenty of room, good soil and a bit of luck," he said.

"I couldn't be happier, it makes all the work even more worthwhile when you're awarded a world record.

"I can't wait to get cracking on next year's crop and see what that might bring."

The previous world record breaking cabbage, set in 1925 by Mr R Straw of Derbyshire, weighed in at 19.05kg (42lbs).

Official UK National Giant Vegetables Championship judge, Martyn Davis, said: "We are delighted to confirm that David Thomas has broken the previous world record for the world's heaviest red cabbage by almost 10lbs."

Other records said to have been set at the event included a 6.245 metre long carrot, a 7.9 metre beetroot and a 5.023 metre parsnip.

None of the records have yet been verified by Guinness World Records.

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