Thief left clinging to delivery van after attempted break-in goes wrong 

A would-be thief was left in a precarious position after trying to break into a removal van – only for it to drive off!

The man was spotted clinging on to the back of a half-open U-Haul truck as it sped along a highway.

A passenger in a pursuing vehicle decided to film the incident, and has since shared the footage online, where it has amassed thousands of views.

In the footage, the passenger and the vehicle's driver are heard laughing and questioning the man's actions.

They then move closer to the van, and shout at the man from the open window.

"Yo dude! What the f*** are you doing, man?" one of the pair asks.

"Maybe you're breaking and entering!" he adds.

The location of the incident is unknown, as is the reason the man is clinging on to the van.

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