Here's how much it costs to run a Lamborghini Huracan

Have you ever wondered what the running costs of a supercar are?

If you have, YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins has outlined the costs of running a Lamborghini Huracan. The man behind the channel has owned one of the V10 supercars for a while now and has covered more than 5,000 miles.
In that time, he's only paid for £320 worth of maintenance after his brake lines disconnected. He says he's not aware of any other owners who've had that issue, so it might be a one-off.

He also says he's averaged about 12mpg, which is surprisingly good for car with about 600bhp. As for tyres, it costs $1,200 (£916) to replace all four with the factory-standard option.

Interestingly, Lamborghini offers an unlimited mileage warranty for the first three years of ownership and even offers 12 years of cover for rust.

The final cost he mentions is the annual service, which is essentially just an oil change. It costs about $1,000 (£763). Compares to your average family hatchback, that's all rather steep...

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