Could this dual-temperature blanket save your relationship?

Always arguing over the thermostat at night? BedJet Dual Zone – the world's first warming AND cooling blanket – promises to put an end to your nocturnal duvet fights.

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The innovative blanket has two hollow cavities that are filled with either cool or warm air.

Select the temperature you want using a remote control or via a Bluetooth app on your smart phone, and your chosen air will be blown only into your side of the blanket, without your partner feeling it.

According to BedJet, it takes 180 seconds to fully heat up or cool down – so you can be toasty warm or comfortably cool in no time – as long as you stick to your side of the bed!

The blanket is available on the US version of Amazon for $949.00 (around £730) and ships to the UK.

For a low-cost option, you could always warm up half of the bed with a single, electric heated under-blanket. This one has three heat settings and costs £10.47 + free delivery.

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