Weird and wonderful beach activities around the world

Who needs a relaxing fly and flop escape when you can spend your beach holiday taking part in an unusual activity? Hitting the coast doesn't have to be a traditional affair and with a whole host of weird and wonderful things to do at the beach, you'll want to add these quirky experiences to your list.

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Whether you're heading to Cornwall or St Lucia, there's something different to do at the seaside. Newquay might be Britain's surfing capital but one hotel serves up a more unusual activity for groups of friends on an adrenaline-fuelled break. Guests can explore the rugged Cornish coastline on an extra-large (16ft) giant inflatable board which holds up to eight people for a Monster SUP Coasteering adventure.

For those who like to move gracefully above and below the water, the British Virgin Islands offer Mermaid Experiences, which teach you the basics of swimming with a tail and how to show off cool tricks. And swimming in the Maldives is more exciting than ever thanks to the night snorkelling experiences on offer. On a night-time snorkel, you can witness the otherworldly bioluminescent plankton that leaves the waves glowing in the dark above the coral polyps that feed on it.

Discover some of the most amazing things you never knew you could do at the beach.