Fatal accident shows dangers of using a phone at the wheel

Leicestershire Police have released a hard-hitting video detailing a fatal car crash caused by a mobile-phone-using motorist.

Entitled 'It Can Wait', the video focuses on the events of the evening of November 25, 2014.
While driving south on the M1, 38-year-old Christy George made calls to her friend and husband.

Distracted, she lost control of her Skoda and collided with a lorry travelling in the same direction, causing it to jackknife over the central reservation between junctions 21a and 22.

Murray Simpson, 48, who was travelling on the northbound carriageway then hit the lorry in his BMW, losing his life as a result of the impact.

Liese Bowers-Straw was also caught up in the eight-vehicle collision and was left with life-changing injuries – less than a week after she had collected an MBE for her services to the Border Force and work with disabilities.

Bowers-Straw features in the video, which aims to dissuade drivers from using their mobiles at the wheel.

"Just think before you pick that mobile phone up," she pleads. "Just think what an impact it can have on others.

"Is that text or call really that important? Is it really worth a life?"

George, from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, appeared at Leicester Crown Court in July, where she was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving and jailed for five years.

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