Bulldog tries not to sneeze with lizard on his nose

This adorable dog has won the hearts of millions as he tries desperately not to sneeze - when a lizard crawls on his nose.

Seven-and-a-half year old bulldog Yun Ja was at home playing with owner Eak Soomhua, 44, when the green gecko fell onto his back.

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The three-inch long creepy crawlie scampered across the white French bulldog's face before pausing on his sensitive nostrils.

Yun Ja growls menacingly and flares his nostrils - poised to either sneeze or snap at the common house gecko.

But in a tense encounter, the loveable mutt keeps his cool and fixes his eyes on the end of his nose - hilariously licking his own nose as he tries to flick away the lizard.
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