BMW 3-Series transformer revealed

In something out of a Hollywood epic, a team of engineers has created a car that can turn into a giant robot at the touch of a button.

An Ankara, Turkey-based company named Letvision recently revealed their bright-red transformer, much to the joy of robot-car enthusiasts across the world.

The robot, named LETRONS, starts out looking like a normal, if not slightly modified BMW 3-Series.

However, after the operator inputs a command to a remote control, it slowly unfolds into an impressive giant robot, turning its head from left to right and emitting a plume of smoke for dramatic effect.

Standing at more than twice the height of its operator, the robot makes for an intimidating sight.

But once its folded back on itself it could fit in amongst traffic without warranting a second glance.

The robot is reportedly the only operational member of a collection of transforming BMWs created by Letvision. The company has plans to release further wacky transformers in the near future.
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