Could Daniel Radcliffe be the new owner of 4 Privet Drive?

It was where he slept in a cupboard under the stairs before he was whisked off to Hogwarts. Now, Harry Potter's childhood home at 4 Privet Drive is on the market.

But actor Daniel Radcliffe has said he will not be making an offer on 12 Picket Post Close, the suburban house in Bracknell in Berkshire that served as his fictional home in the blockbuster films.

A three bedroom house in Picket Post Close, Bracknell
(Tim Ockenden/PA)

Daniel told the Press Association: "For me I think of Privet Drive as being the fake facade we had on the back lot of Potter so I can barely remember the place, but that was probably the very first day on filming ever.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel in August 2000 (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

"The official first day was September 29 2000, when we filmed at the train platform, but the unofficial first day was a few weeks before when we were filming at that location."

Daniel's new film Imperium is released in UK cinemas on September 23. His other film, Swiss Army Man, is out on September 30.

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