Watch a ridiculously calm driver escape from a flaming drag car

This drag racer could not have been calmer after his highly modified Toyota Supra burst into flames during a high-speed run.

The man, known only as 'Jay from Real Street', was competing at the Drag Week event at National Trail Raceway in Ohio.
During the fateful run, Jay is accelerating hard when something goes very wrong. The engine dies and his car is suddenly sent out of control. Incredibly, he manages to catch the slide and keep the car out of the wall, but the drama isn't over yet.

As he rolls to a stop, smoke can be seen pouring from the bonnet, and Jay says "Are you on fire right now? I hope you're not on fire."

As he calmly climbs out of the vehicle he acknowledges the safety crew that has arrived to check on him and opens the bonnet to inspect the damage. "Ah it's on fire", he says, before adding "I mean, that's not much of a fire" as flames cover the bonnet.

It is believed the Toyota's head gasket 'decided it was done for the day'.

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